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I am running for the leader of the Green Party of Canada because politics must change…forever.

Politics must change because our way of thinking and being in the world is destroying the natural ecosystems all life depends on. I want to be leader because I want to help change everything…for good. For the good of all communities - human and otherwise.

I want to be leader because I believe the Green Party is the home for people who say yes to well-being and who want change our relationship to nature. I am running because I believe the Green Party is the home for people who vote to deal seriously with climate change.

This Party, and the next election, are our best chances to change our trajectory.

I have a rich and diverse background of leadership in politics, governance, civil society, business labour, healthcare and human rights activism across the country. I bring political experience, leadership abilities and a record of electoral success that to succeed in our mission as a party and a movement.

By working with others, and building great teams, I have successfully delivered complex environmental policies and programs. I have won elections in widely diverse locations and offices and won the confidence of voters from a huge diversity of racial, cultural, economic gender and geographic communities.

Join with us in being the change we want to see.